Championing the Cause
of Fatherlessness



Who are we?  What do we do?

We are Right Stuff Ministries - a Fathering Ministry

Because we feel that this is a high calling, we want to share more information about our mission and what we do to help you catch a glimpse of our vision.

Right Stuff Ministries is a fathering ministry building responsible men and women out of at-risk boys and girls. 


What is a Fathering Ministry?

At Right Stuff Ministries, we “Father” and provide mentorship for at-risk kids who may not have a father at home or positive leadership in the home.

We do this by building trusted relationships and teaching kids how to be leaders, not followers along with many other Christian success principles with the Bible as their roadmap.


Why do we do what we do?

Because 70% of African American children grow up in a father-less home and 50% of Caucasian children grow up in a single parent home.  There is an epidemic and many times without a father present, these kids may not always get the love, guidance and mentorship that they need to grow up and become happy and productive adults in society.

This one fact alone puts so many kids at-risk to fall prey to drugs, alcohol, crime and lack of functioning well in our society.

Kids no longer have anyone to come home from school to – no Mom or Dad.

So many kids do not have a positive role model in their homes and they just need someone to be there for them and to teach them how to find their purpose in life.

We want to change that!

Right Stuff Ministries is there – we fill this gap.

Right Stuff Ministries wants to work with this kids BEFORE they commit a crime, mentor them, point them in the right direction and show them a better way!


Who are these kids?

The children we serve have a lot going against them.  Even though they may just live down the street from us, they don’t have the same opportunities.  Things we may take for granted, they lack.  A few of these may be…

  • A father or role model
  • Educational opportunities
  • Stable home environment
  • Love and encouragement
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ


How we do it?

Sometimes, it is just a simple as “being there”.  The highest compliment that a father can get is that his child would say, “My dad was there for me!”

Sometimes, it’s doing the little things that matter in a big way.


A Father to the Fatherless!

  • We make friends
  • Build relationships
  • Provide a loving, caring home
  • Share a better way
  • Help kids succeed
  • Make an eternal difference


We build relationships with at-risk kids in order to influence them with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We do this in a fun and safe environment, helping to provide what is missing from their lives.

We love kids, we are consistent with the kids and we are truthful with the kids.  We lead and teach kids how to find their purpose in life so they can grow up to be happy and productive adults who function well in society.


What do we do?

We provide an environment to build relationships with at-risk kids.  We love them.  We mentor them.  We take them to Church.  We meet their individual needs.  We adopt some of them.  We put them on the right track and show them a life of excellence!

We are a fathering ministry.  We aren’t just creating programs; we are building meaningful relationships with at-risk children by involving ourselves in their daily lives.

Here are just a few ways we serve them:

  • We take them with us to Sunday church services at Church of the Highlands.
  • We provide weekly meals and fun activities in a relaxed home setting.
  • We host retreats to assist in character development and life lessons.

We’re organized, but we’re spontaneous and fun, too!  We take kids to the movies, have cookouts in our back yard, and occasionally throw a “Just Because” Party!  Sounds awesome, right?  We want you to join in the fun, too!


How can I help?

Right Stuff Ministries loves to connect people who are interested in helping others with kids who need help.  We are a “connector”!

There are many young people who need attention, fathering, mentoring, relationships and there are many ways to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

You would be amazed at the opportunities and abilities to utilize your resources to help a young person reach their potential.

Giving a donation of your money, time or other resources can make a difference to these kids.

Bobby Nix, RSM Founder, would be happy to talk with you personally to discuss how you and your resources could glorify God and minister to at-risk young people.   Call Bobby today at 205.966.8727.