Championing the Cause
of Fatherlessness

“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.”

Psalm 92:3

RSM Vision

Encourage and equip young men who have been born into the vicious cycle of fatherlessness and rescue them out of it. Prepare them to be godly fathers and end the generational curse in their own family.

RSM Philosophy

We employ biblically based evangelism and discipleship. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for what ails us. Our goal is to ground these young men in the word of God, the local church, and in faithful, Christian relationships.

RSM Strategy

Funnel young men into our fold.  The wide end provide quarterly events that draw them in based on their interest.  As the funnel narrows, we will provide leadership training benchmarks that train and measure progress.



Fatherless Epidemic

The father is the bedrock of the family, the family is the bedrock of the church, the church is the bedrock of society.  Our culture is crumbling because of the demise of the godly father.  We want to stand in the gap and defend those single moms and children who do not have a godly father in the home.  Crime, drug use, violence, teenage pregnancy, academic failure, government dependency, and other issues that plague our society can all be traced back to the lack of godly fathering.

How You Can Help


- Make a One-Time Donation
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Your monetary gifts make it possible to
reach at-risk kids to make a difference


- Schedule a Donation Pick-up
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